Back in January marked my 2 years of blogging. 2 years ago I chose to share my love for turning houses into homes. Taking 4 blank walls and turning it into a place of comfort & a safe place to feel 100% you! No matter your circumstance whether it’s renting, a fixer upper or a cookie cutter home I want to share my top 6 Tips To Start Loving Your HOME Right Now.

Tips to start loving your home

As a child I lived in 1 house! Still to this day my parents still live there. But, as an adult I have done my fair share of moving. From apartments, townhouses, fixer uppers, new builds and even different states. Every single one of them I managed/ made it a priority to feel like HOME. No matter the budget there are ways to create an environment that you love. Every house, budget, decor style has been different and still changes to this day in the houses we have called home.

Now a days it’s so easy to look at social media and wish you had something you don’t.

Now a days it’s so easy to look at social media and wish you had something you don’t. Or simply forget what we have right in front of us. We get to busy watching others and thinking we need more.

Tips to start loving your home

Ways To Love The Home You Have

  1. DON’T WAIT-Start doing! This one is probably my most important tip out of all of them. You shouldn’t be waiting for that dream home or that forever home to do the things you love to your space. With my husband being in the military we run into people all the time that tell us they are waiting for their forever home or say things like what’s the point we are moving in X amount of years. Life isn’t guaranteed, do what makes you happy now & stop waiting!
  2. INSPIRATION-When scrolling pinterest, a blog, magazine or Instagram be inspired. Look for creativity in others homes. Let them inspire you and not allow envy & greed to creep in. Seeking inspiration shouldn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. Find that one item or design that makes you smile and run with it.
  3. CLEAN, ORGANIZE, PURGE-Having a clean and organized space is key to your mental health. This doesn’t have to be done overnight. Set a daily task of purging one area of the home a week to start small. Or mark in your planner to clean all bathrooms one day each week. Planning small tasks throughout the week can make a big impact over time. Clearing your space can clear your mind making for a happier YOU!
  4. SHOP YOUR HOME– I do this all the time. Sometimes we are blinded by the awesome things we have in our house. Switch things up, try them in new spaces. For example our tv console no longer was needed for supporting our tv since we built a fireplace but since moving it out of the room I have found a new space in our home for it and I’m loving it even more than I did before.
  5. HOST-We love to host guest! Every house I have ever lived in I have found a way to invite groups of friends and family over. Making memories in your house is a great way for it to start feeling like home.
  6. YOU DO YOU– Your home should 100% reflect you. Not anyone else. If you want blue walls & tables full of plants DO IT! If you love to paint everything white and have a minimalist style DO IT! Don’t let anyone tell you you need X,Y and Z for your space to feel like a well put together home. You are the one living there and you do what makes you happy!

These are just 6 tips to start loving your home right now but, there truly is so many more! Loving your home and being content in your space is like building a relationship. It won’t be all sunshine and rainbows. It will take time. Make memories, have a game night with your friends. Move your decor or furniture around and see it in a new space. Buy a can of paint and refresh some doors or a bedroom wall.

Loving your home is just the beginning of all good things to come. When you learn to love your home you will find you have more motivation to care for your home. If you take anything from this post just know that Home isn’t just a space we can curl up on the couch and watch netflix, or a game night at the island with friends. Home is a feeling, not a space. And it starts with you!

Some simple inexpensive ways to update your home that we started out with in our fixer upper were things like adding floating shelves for artwork. We updated small touches that made a big impact in the kitchen like counters, backsplash & hardware.

I would love to hear from you and tell me what your tips to start loving your home are. Send me an email or message me over on INSTAGRAM and let me know!