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I wanted to start something new this year that I have seen a couple of my favorite bloggers do in the past. Writing out your dreams and goals for a 2020 house projects list. I thought it would be fun to compare at the end of the year and see what got done, what didn’t, and let’s be real what got added to the list! All the things listed below are great ideas to update a house and turn it into a home.

There is something about seeing everything laid out on paper that is so satisfying and holds you accountable! Now to jump into what you came here for and that’s our 2020 House Projects List. And what I’m calling the year of getting it done! FINALLY!!! Most of these things are most defiantly getting done but there will also be some big MAYBES on this list. In hopes that if I write it down it will happen.

2020 House projects list

The laundry room is one of those rooms we use everyday. Whether that is doing laundry or just getting to the garage. It’s one of our main entrances to our home and one of the first places people see when coming inside. I have touched base a tiny bit over on Instagram about redoing this space. When I put up a poll of what projects I was considering to do next about 95% of you were excited to see what we choose to do with the laundry room! 

Here is currently what that space looks like now.

And here is my inspiration that I can’t get off my mind! I just love the bold look of the dark wall in this room and the wood tone of the floating shelves! We plan to do something similar but not quite the same. I will be narrowing down the details in the next couple weeks & this picture makes me so excited to get started! 

2020 house projects

Our front door needs a good coat of paint! You can tell the prior owners painted it to match the trim color on the house but whatever paint they used wasn’t the correct kind. It’s chipping off and just over all needs a face lift. I’m really stuck on this one to be honest which is why I haven’t done it yet.

 I have no clue what color to chose that will go with the brick and that won’t be to dark. The layout of the exterior of the house is a little weird and the front door is pushed back and sits in what looks like a tunnel! So I feel like I need something that will make the area more inviting and bright. 

I’ve always wanted a barn door in my house. So I’m determined to build one! I think we have decided that the master on suite is the perfect location. It has the right space for one to slide open and close without taking up valuable wall space. Here are two barn doors that are just breath taking!

House projects list
house projects list

Now don’t get me wrong our pantry is functional and thats really all that matters. Our pantry is way bigger than we are use to but just like everything else in this house it’s that horrible off-white color. What I would love to do is change up the shelves a tiny bit, paint, new organization system and possibly add wallpaper! (Still not sure about this one) 

Down below are a few pantries that I’ve been loving!

House projects

This is one of those projects that is a fat maybe. I still have to price it out and see if it’s necessary that I do this project with such little time left in the house. But, it is a project I really want to do mainly for the experience and I know it will just make this area look way more extra lol!

Here is our current bay window (with no trim)

This is the similar look I would be going for. 

house projects list

Lastly, is the master bathroom. We already have completed our spare bathroom renovation and you can see that HERE! But our master bathroom is a hot mess and will require a lot of work. We started this renovation probably 10 months ago and never finished it. We have shiplap up on the wall that isn’t finished and we did get the new vanity and mirrors in! 

The list for the room is so long! We need new flooring, finish the shiplap, finish painting walls, ceiling and trim, new light about the toilet and a lot of tiny cosmetic things. You will defiantly want to stick around for that one. 

Oh boy the kitchen. I want to paint the cabinets so bad but I’m not going to lie I’m a little scared. It’s such a huge project and I know it will take me a long time to tackle. Grey cabinets would look so good in here with some white walls! So we will see if I get to this in year 2020!

So here’s to hoping for tons of motivation, time and good children because, we all know if my kids are running amuck I’m not getting anything done! There will be tons of other simple DIY and tutorials to go along with this long house projects list. What are you hoping to see from me this year? What are your house goals for this year if you have any?! Let me know down in the comments or head over to my INSTAGRAM and direct message me. I would love to know! Who knows maybe we can keep each other accountable!

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