Neutral home decor is my go-to favorite kind of decor to decorate with. Amazon is a one stop shop for all your decor needs & I’m sharing my most recent favorites.

Amazon Neutral Home Decor

Is Neutral Home Decor in Style?

If you haven’t shopped on Amazon for home decor yet you’re missing out. The other day while looking on Amazon, I came across so many amazing deals for neutral decor. I was shocked! Not only were there great finds, they were priced reasonably too. Amazon amazes me more and more each time with their home decor selections.

Typically I’m a go to Target and stroll the isles kind of gal but sometimes a little online shopping is nice from the comfort of my couch. Neutral decor is a must-have in our home and one of the 12 Easy Ways To Creating a Cozy Home. Neutral decor will always be in style! Think of it as the foundation of your home decor. I have rounded up all my favorite Amazon neutral home decor finds and put them all in one place for you. All of these are available on and most come with FREE two-day shipping with Amazon prime! What more could you ask for?

Listed below are some of my top Amazon picks. To keep up with all the new home decor I add from Amazon check out my Amazon Storefront. I update every few months with items I have personally bought & owned. And tons of inspirational home decor that I would love to purchase one day.



Some Of My Favorite Amazon Home Decor Pieces

  1. Black Candlestick Holders– These candlestick holders are a must in any home. I have similar ones from Ikea and Hobby Lobby. What I love about these ones are they are taller and have a small base on them.
  2. Framed Canvas Wall Art– This canvas art is so pretty! I’ve been big into landscape art lately and there is something about how peaceful they make me feel.
  3. Wicker Baskets with Lids– I actually own this 3 piece wicker basket set. These are the exact ones that they have at Ikea.
  4. Berry Baskets– This is on my list for this summer! We started a garden recently and our grape tomatoes are out of control and these baskets would be great for picking.
  5. Curtain Rod– I’ve shared these curtain rods before. They are a must have staple in our home!
  6. Light Sconces– Who doesn’t love a good light sconce? I am always buying light sconces and doing the magic light trick.