We’ve got the best gift ideas for the green thumb in your life. Whether you’re just getting started or your looking for something to surprise your gardening friend with. This list of gifts for gardeners will give you tons of gift ideas!

25 Gardening and Seed starting supplies

Winter is flying by this year and before we know it it’s time to get the garden planted. I know here in Ohio I’m in zone 6A and I just started our onion seeds last week. The last few weeks I have been reading all the books, watching the Youtube videos and browsing all the blogs to sharpen up on my gardening knowledge.

Gardening is a never ending learning experience and as this is my second year to seed starting I thought I would share a few things that I would personally love to recieve for gifts. Some of these gift ideas are things I personally own or things that are just hanging out in my Amazon cart waiting to be bought.

I will be covering all price points-from stocking stuffers, to bigger items. Whether the gardener in your life is new to gardening or is a pro planter these 30 gift ideas will be a great treat to pair together to make a DIY gift basket.

Garden Storage

Every gardener needs storage whether it’s for seed starting purposes or bringing in a large supply of veggies from the garden.

  1. Photo Boxes for Seed Storage-Michaels Craft Store always have these nice storage containers. They come in a few sizes and they are almost always on sale. Never buy full price!! I chose to go with the smaller one and it only cost me $10! They are perfect size to store seed packets. Here is a large size and smaller size from Amazon but they are a little bit more expensive.
  2. Collapsible Tub with Handle– These space saving tubs are great for harvesting in the garden. Use it to carry your fresh product to the house, rinse out and put away for later.
  3. Gardening Apron– Also great for harvesting in the garden. It’s adjustable, washable and ergonomic.

Gardening Books

25 Gardening and Seed starting supplies
  1. Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners– This book is so helpful! I bought it two years ago and still come back to it for information. Great book to get started.
  2. Cut Flower Garden– This is another one I own. I watched her show on Magnolia Network and was just in love with her story and this book walks you through every season of the year with maintaining a flower garden.
  3. Mini Farming– This one is very informative with DIYs and pictures. He teaches you how to be self sufficient on just 1/4 an acre.
  4. Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving– This is currently in my Amazon cart. I have heard from numerous people that this is a great beginner canning book with great recipes and understanding of canning.
  5. The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning- Another favorite by many! Canning is in our future and these two books will be a great resource for us to get started.

Creative Gifts for the Gardener

If the person you’re shopping for already has all the tools and gadgets here are some creative gifts that are useful.

  1. Plant Markers– This year I was going to use wood markers since the plastic ones did not hold up to the sun and weather last year.
  2. Gardening Notebook– I like to use just a plain notebook for my gardening notes and to draw a diagram of my garden each year.
  3. Composter– Having a composter is such a great investment into your garden! I know i’ve had my eye on this one.
  4. Soil Moisture Meter– This could be good for indoor plants, outdoor potted plants or even in a small raised bed. My mom actually owns one of these and swears by it.
  5. Herb Hydroponics Growing System– I have never had one of these but our best friends have one and they start everything in it.
  6. Willow Tree Garden Angel– This is so adorable, it would be a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day or even for a close friend.
  7. Canning Kit– There’s a good chance if you know someone that’s into gardening they probably are into canning.

Seed Starting Supplies

Seed starting can be so fun and rewarding. Take a look at these seed starting supplies that will make gardening so much easier.

  1. Burpee SuperSeed Seed Starting Tray– These seed starting trays are seriously the best. I just purchased some of these last week to start our onion seeds in. They have these pop-out bottoms making it easy to transplant. Game Changer!
  2. Seed Starting Heat Mats– You can not go without having a seed starting heat mat or two when adventuring into gardening. I currently own 4 of these and they double as a great place to sit your bowl when baking bread, to allow the bread to rise!
  3. Soil Blocker– If you don’t want to use seed trays a soil blocker is another way that is efficient.
  4. Grow lights– Most people use grow lights to start seeds. I have a few different kinds and love having them kick start my seedling.

Raised Garden Beds & Containers

There are a plethora of garden beds and containers you can grow your vegetables and fruits in. Here are some of the most popular ones from Amazon.

  1. Vego Garden Bed– I do not personally own this brand of raised garden but I know so many people that have them. I think they are so officiant and would be a great investment.
  2. Garden Grow Bags– Grow bags are a great way to grow carrots or potatoes. They are great for space saving too!
  3. Vertical Garden– Vertical gardening is another great gift that allows for more growing but not taking up much space.

Gardening Apparel

Everyone loves a good t-shirt! Getting your hands dirty in the garden calls for some designated clothes.

  1. Coffee & Gardening Tee– Self explanatory, do I need to say more!
  2. Office Tee– Etsy has the best gardening shirts, this one is so cute.
  3. Chicken Tee– I’m a sucker for a good chicken shirt.

I hope our list helped you get started on putting together a gardening gift basket. If you are looking for an easy strawberry or herb planter DIY check our post HERE.

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