Colorful DIY Holiday Nutcrackers

To some this DIY might shock you, I am normally a neutral gal. I like simplicity in my decor and more of a modern farmhouse vibe. I thought I would have some fun this holiday season and create an easy Colorful DIY Holiday Nutcracker project for my daughter’s room.

Before this I have never owned a nutcracker. Nor do I think my parents had one growing up. But now we have 6 pastel crazy fun nutcrackers!

While on Youtube one morning I came across a fellow blogger/youtuber and instantly fell in love. She had a video on dollar store modern holiday decor & her DIY white spray painted nutcrackers were brilliant. I will link her Youtube video HERE if you want to check it out! I loved the idea and how simple it was, and instantly wanted to recreate it but with a twist.

This whole holiday season I kept seeing those colorful bottle brush trees at Hobby Lobby & on Pinterest and thought those would be SO cute for my daughter’s room. But, I never pulled the plug, in fear that she would be too rough with them and thought maybe I should wait another year.

Colorful Holiday Nutcrackers

When seeing the nutcrackers I thought why don’t I do that but with wooden nutcrackers. They are cheap & way more sturdier than the trees. If you are looking for an easy DIY Christmas decoration project to tackle this holiday season this one’s for you!


Supplies List

DIY colorful holiday nutcrackers

When I DIY I try to keep it as cost effective as possible! It’s no fun if your DIY ends up costing you more than the already finished product. So when sourcing my materials there were a few places I looked & reasons why I choose Michaels!

When I first set out to get my nutcrackers I checked our local Dollar Tree but had no luck. So after that adventure it landed me back at home to hop on my computer. I checked Amazon but wasn’t satisfied with the prices & thought I would check one more place before committing to order.

Michaels had exactly what I was looking for. Now a little secret for you before you buy at Michaels, I highly suggest always first checking their website. They have recently started a service where you can order online and pick up same day in store! And they usually have some promotion or sale going on that gives you money off if you chose to use this service.

I payed $14.67 to make these 6 nutcrackers! That’s the paint, brushes and 6 raw wood nutcrackers.

DISCLAIMER (All thoughts are my own & this is in no way sponsored)

How do you Make a Homemade Nutcracker

There is tons of ways you can go about this Colorful DIY Holiday Nutcrackers project.

You can make it super easy and spray paint them instead of hand painting them. If your nutcracker comes with hair like mine you can chose to paint around it or there is a way to take it off. I will link At Home With Ashley’s tutorial HERE, she chose to remove her nutcrackers hair.

Since I chose to keep the hair I hand painted the nutcrackers which lets just say made this DIY very tedious! It took me an hour per nutcracker. I could have probably went faster but I chose to do this during nap times & at the end of the day. Sometimes my “hey look a squirrel” moment would kick in and I would get distracted with something else LOL.

Am I the only one?!

For brushes I chose to use a cheap foam brush and the tiny brush that the nutcrackers came with to get in all the nooks and cracks that the big brush couldn’t reach.

Don’t they look awesome styled on this Ikea look alike shelf I did back in the beginning of summer!?

Colorful Holiday Nutcrackers

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